Friday, February 24, 2006

Welcome to My Universe!

Come into my classroom and take a look around! A classroom is like a construction zone... not a tidy place!

Notanda: 1) on the door is a paper mosaic scene from Ben Hur for the Latin Club's entry in the door decorating contest for Homecoming back in October; 2) the trophies on the bookshelf are from our two years of certamen; and 3) the plastic pumpkin on the small column beside the bookshelf contains something sweeter than candy... Latin verbs on strips of paper to be used for random synopses. It has come to be called "the Pumpkin of Doom."

Notanda: 1) the plastic cups contain Roman coins soaking in distilled water (Latin Club project); 2) the teacher's desk is the nerve center for it all!

Notanda: 1) in the corner is the orange poster of Romulus and Remus suckling from the Lupa -- I bought this on my very first trip to Italy in 1982; 2) the white board contains the Classical Literacy list (discussed in a previous post) and announcements about upcoming activities and Latin Club events.

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