Saturday, March 28, 2009

Grabbing at Toss-Ups

We returned today from a very poor showing at the Classical Cottage Certamen. For the first time since I transfered to Riverbend, no teams placed in and brought home a trophy from a Latin tournament. I'm not yet ready to declare our teams dead but the interest, particulary at this time year, is beginning to wane. This should come as little surprise. Once the weather begins to warm and the trees begin to bud, students' thoughts begin to turn to other matters... as it should be.

The Classical Cottage Certamen was good but quite small. The flagging interest does not seem to be a factor just at RHS. It was a shame, though, because Susan Schearer does an outstanding job at organizing and running a tournament. It is always a pleasure to attend any competition sponsored by this woman. Thank you, Susan!

We have one tournament left in the year... the "state championship" sponsored by the Virginia Senior Classical League and/or the Virginia Junior Classical League. I have always been confused as to who was actually in charge but the events always seem to work and champions crowned. Participation by RHS may be off for this tournament as well, seeing that it falls on the last Saturday of our Spring break. We shall see...

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Paulus said...

Hi Mark,
Glad to see you back at your Blog. Since you are taking LaFleur's methods class, why not post your comments here? I have always gotten value from the things you have to say.
Regarding Certamen, yes, certamen has waned at Park View especially since we lost our buses. Looking to next year I suspect that we'll be lucky to get our Convention bus. That's what I'll push for. In fact, I think I'll be sneaky and make my request for it right now! Animo bono sis!