Sunday, March 03, 2013

The Blather in Blogging

I wandered back to my blog today after an extended hiatus... of seventeen months! This IS something I am interested in pursuing, but finding the time gets in the way of following through, and then the whole notion slips from your mind until you reawaken.

I am very disappointed in the practice of others making generic, non-specific comments only to advertise their own sites. I am betting that most of this is even done robotically with very little input from the writer other than the original ad. No problem though; just another bother for the modern world.

Anyhow, I have lots to say concerning being a Latin teacher in the modern world. More later.


Laura Gibbs said...

Hi Mark! I just saw your blog post pop up in Google Reader... I like the way that subscriptions stay alive even when a blog has been sleeping. I will be reading your posts! :-)

MW said...

Mark, I am an old Latin student from England and your blog is very interesting. I still keep in touch with my Latin, indeed I might try and take a further qualification entirely for my own amusement shortly. I hope you carry on and best wishes for the future. Perge modo, et, qua te ducit via, dirige gressum...