Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Tag! You're It! (Or Not)

Since I have returned to my blog, I have been tinkering with templates and layout. I have discovered that nifty gadget called a "label cloud," and installing this and viewing its results has caused me to rethink my practice of tagging or labeling each entry. This cloud reveals, in a graphic way, which topics occur most often by presenting that label in a larger font size. Many labels are the smallest, default size and form a crowd with only a few names more noticeable. Now I am obsessing over each appellation and asking myself whether it is too descriptive, obscure, redundant, not descriptive enough, or just plain wrong. I am going back and changing tags, adding and deleting some, and all this effort is compelling me to find some standard. In all, not only am I moving forward with Marginalia, but I also seem to be moving backward.

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